Solar farm power plants


Potential of solar power plants in Iran

According to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), 270 mW of solar power plant has been constructed in Iran for two years, indicating a high potential and special attention of domestic and foreign investors to this issue. Under the guaranteed purchasing process, the return on investment of solar power plants is around 4 years, and its income is adjusted annually according to inflation and currency fluctuations.

Solar Gostar Shahran: A partner for all the stages

Solar Gostar Shahran Co. is fully acquainted with the field of renewable energy including all stages of the construction of the power plant from the feasibility study, licensing, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Our power plant records include:

• Provide economic justification plans for 7 MW solar power plants in Persian and Latin languages.

• Provide economic justification for 30 MW solar power plant in Neghab city in Farsi and Latin languages

• Obtaining permits for 5 and 7 megawatt solar power plants in Golestan province

• Provide technical and economical design and design data for 500 kilowatt solar power plant in Golestan province.

EPC contracts for solar power plants

The Solar Gostar Shahran technical team, with technical and scientific background in the design of renewable energy systems, especially solar power plants, is generally familiar with the process of building power plants. Engineering services complex in engineering, procurement and execution including site visit, initial engineering plan, equipment selection including panels, inverters, equipment placement, purchase and delivery of products to the site of the power plant, installation of the skilled team and training Seen at the appointed time and ultimately the operation and after-sales service.

Overview of EPC services for Solar Gostar Shahran

• Making the key in hand

• Timely delivery

• Project finance management

• Conduct management

• Comprehensive quality management of equipment

• Detailed and technical design of the project

• Shopping and logistics

• Providing comprehensive project documentation

• risk management

• Guarantee

Support service, repair and maintenance

There is no doubt that investors always have concerns about their return on investment. Of course, this concern is not being addressed without regard to the conditions of operation of the power plant and its support. A periodic review of the plant’s performance, including panel conditions, panel level cleaning, connections, and power plant performance review, are among the conditions that guarantee the predicted performance of the power plants. One of the advantages of Solar Gostar Shahrat in this regard is the production of power plants built by the technical staff of the company in the past years that the annual production of power plants fully matched with the results of simulations.

Remote monitoring

Fortuity management

Repair and replace spairs

Repair and Inspection

Accurate report

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