Residential and Commercial

How to use the benefits of solar systems?

• Earn a guaranteed payment for the construction of a solar power plant on the roof of houses and industrial complexes
• Providing electricity to villas away from the electricity grid with the help of solar panels
• Supply of the commercial and industrial units using stand-alone, hybrid and unrestricted solar systems.
• Energy storage capability during power outage or reduce power consumption at peak times

All with Solar Gostar Shahran

Solar Gostar Shahran guarantees you a safe and low risk investment, using many years of technical experiences of it’s employees as well as relying on the best-in-market brands of reputable builder companies.
The best reasons you can count on us:
Use the most advanced equipment:
Using the latest power plant modules can increase the system’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.
Precision Design: Respecting customer demands, reviewing your need, and conducting technical studies to deliver the best design that customers have ever encountered. System performance guarantees accurately reflect the principles of urban design.
Reducing additional costs and providing a plan based on technical and economic principles: To provide the best economic design, considering the initial costs, domestic market conditions, guaranteed purchasing power, the return period as well as the use of high-tech and the newest products of the famous companies in technical engineering projects leads to lower costs and also speeds up project implementation.

What are the benefits of the solar system?

• Due to the lack of rotating and mechanical parts, they have a long life span.
• No noise and no work can be done.
• There is the ability to store energy in the batteries.
• Ability to produce arbitrary power.
• No fuel consumption.
• Providing energy in remote areas.

Earn money from the sun!

By using a power-purchase agreement for solar power plants, applicants can invest on building solar power plants, and also sell the electricity generated during the dayto the local electric distribution corporation. So far, close to 2000 small and large solar power plants have been installed on the roof of residential and commercial and industrial units throughout Iran, and each day their number is added.
The benefits of such investments include:
• Obtaining a power purchase contract for 20 years and no concern for the consumer market
• Returning capital principle in a short time
• Lifespan of equipment and no need for basic maintenance
• Use of the useless space of factory ceilings with the construction of a power plant and highly desirable income

Solar storage systems

Consumption saving and increased power stability with solar systems
The system is at the same time as the solar power plant, which stores the energy needed by your customers by solar panels and the surplus in the storage system that stores the batteries. But if the solar system and the batteries can not supply your system energy for any reason, you can use the power of the diesel generator or distribution network. In fact, you have the choice or priority to use the energy source. Solar Gostar Shahran offers you the energy of leading brands like OutBack and TESVOLT. One of the main advantages of these systems is the reduction in the consumption of its single charge, which is provided by the storage system, and you will see a significant reduction in the electricity bill.

Stand-alone solar systems

Satellite and space stations were the first customers of solar power systems. Where the power grid does not exist, they must independently produce and consume electricity. Nowadays, with the development and reduction of the price of solar equipment, their feet are open to our homes. From solar power banks to home power supply systems.

Advantages of this system:

• Providing electricity to villas away from the power grid
• Power supply in critical situations such as floods and earthquakes (Passive defense)
• No noise and clean
• Supports cloudy days
• In some cases, the utility of urban electricity

Hybrid systems

Feel no restrictions

Nowadays, the need for energy should not limit you to the place. The supply of power for the factories and industrial units has always been the case of business owners. Hybrid systems allow your energy to be supplied by renewable energy systems, no matter what. A combination of gas, solar, and solar power plants, even diesel generators, is capable of continuously supplying you with electricity. Using a solar power plant to supply the industrial unit on sunny days and using wind energy or a gas-fired power plant when you are not in the sun, guarantees your electricity supply.