Declaration of willingness 

The first step is readiness and willingness of a person to invest on renewable energy plants. 

investigating the permissible capacity of the plant

According to the metering of each residential unit, the capacity of  the plant will be determined.

Power distribution corporation of each province is the main responsible for checking the possibilities the branch and prevent similar requests on the same branch.

Registration on SATBA

SATBA is the organisation of renewable energy and electrical energy efficiency . SATBA is the major responsible for public notice and registration of applicants who decide to open renewable energy plant. They have to submit some requirements at this portal before starting construction and operations.


At this stage the official license for the construction and operation of the power plant has been issued for twenty years and applicants can choose and introduce qualified RE contractor to power distribution corporation.

Concluding agreement with PDC

The twenty year power purchase agreement (PPA) will be achievable between the applicant and power distribution corporation or PDC .

Construction and operation of the power plant

Construction of a residential renewable power plant lasts between 7-10 work days but in larger scales of the plant which needs more wide area for construction require sensitive precise and accurate time schedule which can be presented in the form of feasibility studies and justification plans for more information please check this link.

Installation and metering

After the complete construction of the RE power plant and approval of PDC, the meter of the power plant will be install by the PDC’s expert and will be read out the momentary amount of injection to the public electric network and finally the calculation will be made to pay the money to the applicant.

Monthly income for 20 years

After the injection of the RE power plant to the grid, applicant has a fixed monthly income for twenty years and usually returns the investment after a 4-5 year period and after this period the plant will become profitable.